Replace Apple iWatch Strap Apr03


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Replace Apple iWatch Strap

change apple_iwatch strap replacement

Change apple iwatch strap replacement

Screenshot taken from

As of April 2013, the Apple iWatch is just a rumor coming from a few patents Apple filed, explaining some mechanics of a potential iWatch. However, images of the projected design have been spurring all oever magazines, news papers, and internet.

Many designs such as the one above use a regular strap. If that’s the case, then it should be easy to change Apple iWatch wristband with a regular 22mm strap of your own flavor. But knowing Apple, they love to come out with their proprietary accessories, making it hard to replace using standard items.

Same thing goes for the screen, but it won’t take long to find protective screen for the Apple iWatch and cases made by third party as soon as we know the final design


Apple iWatch replacing strap band


Screenshot taken from


Update coming soon.