Pebble Wall Mount May19


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Pebble Wall Mount

pebble watch wall mount

pebble watch wall mount

Pebble Watch Wall Mounts

InterDesign Formbu Wallmount, and Mail Rack. Compatible with Pebble Watch?

If you’re like me and don’t like to sleep with your watch and remove it off your wrist often. If you wake up and don’t like to look for your pebble watch! We heard that ¬†InterDesign’s Formby Walmount is compatible with Pebble watches and you can now hang your watch to the wall with your car/home keys. There are 5 slots on the mount, so go ahead and display your collection of Pebble watches.


Get yours on Amazon for $20 bucks.

Or if investing $20 is too much for you, you can go with one cute slot for $8:

Amazon’s got some in Pink, Black, or White colors.


Let me know if the rumor is true!