Pebble Classic Luxury Steel Smart Watches Jan06


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Pebble Classic Luxury Steel Smart Watches



They are finally out!

Pebble watches only had a sporty look until January 2014! Now you can enjoy all the smart watch apps, games, watch faces from the sport looking ones in a watch for the gentleman. The watch comes in a brushed stainless steel version or a Black Matte version.

Look at the amazing straps that come with it!


More details: Crafted from CNC milled steel and Corning Gorilla glass, Fully compatible with all Pebble apps.

Get yours here



Make sure you take good care of such a nice watch by getting these useful products:



Remove Scratches and polish your smartwatch

Whether you own a google watch, a pebble watch, a samsung smartwatch or a Pebble watch, the day will come where scratches are inevitable, let’s face it. Haven’t you seen an iPhone screen broken, eventhough it’s made of Gorilla Glass material just like these watches! Well, sorry to break the news to you, they break quite often!

Unlike a smartphone that usually stays in a purse or in a pocket while you move, a watch is always around your wrist, prone to take a hit and get scratched. Luckily you don’t have to buy expensive products to remove scratches, especially made for watches, that’s overkill! You just need to get some that kit that is proven to work on plastic/glass surfaces. Grab yours at amazon: Novus 8 oz Polish Kit, Plastic Cleaner, Polish & Scratch Remover


Film Protector
Film Protector


Pebble Film Protector

Smartwatch Screen Protector Ultra Clear Shield

If you’re like me and don’t like to have scratches on your amazing Pebble smartchwatch, you probably want to get a kinomi TechSkin Screen Protector. It’s so easy to install, and it’s guaranteed for life. Can’t go wrong! It’s also waterproof so don’t worry about washing your hand or even take a bath or dive deep under water.

Some cool thing you’d like to know

  • Compatible with Pebble Smartwatch (water resistant, safe to use underwater and will not peel or fade) Need to double check if they have the same shape as the sporty version
  • Virtually indestructible film with unmatched “invisible” screen clarity. Just look at the amazing reviews!
  • Made from the same film material used to protect military aircraft (top gun on my wrist baby!)

So don’t wait anymore and get
your own Film protect right here for $15