Nike Fuel Band Jan11


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Nike Fuel Band




Let’s say it straight, the Nike+ FuelBand is the quality you can expect from a brand like Nike. It is a joy to use and will quickly become part of your daily life. It will improve your physical activities.

The Nike+ FuelBand is used like a watch around your wrist and the hardware is based on an accelerometer that keeps track of your movements and converts the amount of moves into a unit called Nike Fuel.

It’s perfect to use for a majority of sportsĀ  where you would use your arms mainly such as Basketball, Tennis, ping-pong, rowing. It’s pretty useless when you are riding your bicycle though!

It’s water resistant so technically speaking you could use it while swimming.

And also, you got to admit it looks SWEET! (Try it at night, BLING BLING!)


Nike+ FuelBand has an iPhone and android application that let you keep track of all your activities for years! You can share it on twitter or Facebook and compete with your buddies.

It could be yours!

Click here to get your own Nike Fuel Band for only $200