iWatch VS. Google watch VS. Samsung Watch VS. Pebble watch Mar24


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iWatch VS. Google watch VS. Samsung Watch VS. Pebble watch


As of march 2013, the smart watch war has officially begun. The three major smartphone technology giants (Google, Apple and Samsung) have filed patents to make proprietary watches.

Apple’s iWatch is supposed to have a spring that lets you rotate the screen to display data horizontally around the watch band, or vertically, in portrait view.  The watch-like device should come with a flexible touchscreen display and the ability to connect to other devices such as an iPhone, or an iPad. Will it connect to Android/Windows smartphones? It remains anyone’s guess, though I wouldn’t hold my breath, knowing Apple’s track-record when it comes to Apple-to-Non-Apple device synergy.

Google should provide us with a smart watch that is compatible with a lot more devices. Probably using wifi or bluetooth, the Google watch will also be able to connect to all Apple smart-products and offer their flagship apps directly from the App Store (hint: Looking right at you, Google Now)

It will be an interesting combo, pairing Google Glass with Google’s ewatch. It’s up to developers to come up with amazing apps and accessories.

We haven’t heard much from Samsung but Samsung Mobile’s Executive Vice President Lee Young Hee told Bloomberg.

“We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

When it comes to screens, Samsung has the advantage of making their own, and they’ve also provided them to Apple in the past.
Samsung also presented a prototype bendable OLED screen at CES 2013. If you haven’t seen Youm (That’s how the flexible OLED technology is called), you should!
From the news and demonstrations trickling down from the grapevine, Samsung seems to be the closest to releasing a watch. We should be expecting a smartwatch from them this year, just in time for Christmas!

Reality Check: So far, all we really have is wildfire rumors and speculation, while the kickstarter graduate Pebble Smartwatch is already out there taking orders!

Pebble works with Android phones and Apple iPhones and is totally customizable!
You can get amazing straps like the one from Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie: The NATO band

You can also get some luxury designer straps made from real alligator skin or snake skin from Jacob & Co.

Another watch that has some interesting cool factor is the Nike Fuel Band, but since it does not offer what we consider “smart” capabilities (like reading email or receiving text messages and alerts) this watch is off the race.

The choice is clear today, Pebble is on the market, riding solo. Now that’s a winner!

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