Get Lucky Pebble Watch Frame with Transformers Autobots Watch Face Sep12


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Get Lucky Pebble Watch Frame with Transformers Autobots Watch Face


Get Lucky Pebble watch Frame with Transformers Autobots Watch Face

When I was a kid, my parents bought me an electronic plastic watch which could transform into a robot. I got the blue one and my brother got the red one, and we used to have robot fights. It was the best thing ever, and was part of what made me love technology. I was imagining a future where watches would be smart robot to play with, and in some way protect us when needed :)

Then nothing interesting really got invented for the next 20 years until Pebble smart watch came out. A watch that can DO more than giving the time! Now my kid dreams are coming back to reality. So why not make fighting robots out of Pebble watch, much like the Transformers inside of a watch! So here is the first draft of what it could look like. A mix of Daft Punk’s get Lucky visual art with Transfrormers’ autobots logo on a Pebble watch.


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