Chapter 5: Accessories – Pebble Watch Owner’s Guide Jan06


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Chapter 5: Accessories – Pebble Watch Owner’s Guide


Straps and Bands Selection

Pebble watch come in different colors(black, arctic white, cherry red, orange and gray). Those solid colors are definitely a good start, and since the smarwatch uses a standard 22mm pin for the strap, it’s easily replaceable to suit your style.

Here is a list of the most amazing bands for many different looks, such as luxurious, athletic, funky, army, sport look, and business professional.


Sports Smartwatch bands and straps

People have been saying on Pebble forums they wish there was a wider variety of bands that the Pebble watch would come with.

But rest assured, Hadley-Roma offers a wide range of affordable straps compatible with Pebble smartwatches.

The Pebble straps use several strong materials, perfect for outdoor activities or intense indoor sports. Perfect to use while exercising at the Gym!

Before you decide to replace pebble watch strap, here are the different straps available:

-Genuine Silicone Diver Sport Watch Straps (color choice of Red, Blue, Green, White and Yellow)

-Genuine Rubber Diver Sport Watch Straps (color choice of Blue and Black)

-Olive Army Green Sport Canvas Watch Band (texture looks like Army pants cloth)

-Genuine Polyurethane Diver Sport Watch Strap (several Black designs)

Get them cheap on Amazon ($9 to $20)

Nato straps Pebble Watch

Get the NATO straps on amazon now ($30-$120 range)

Pebble smartwatches original straps are not designed for heavy usage. Luckily, there are straps out there that will do the the job perfectly. Replace your Pebble watch strap with a NATO band.

NATO straps are traditionally nylon straps with a basic buckle and some have a “skunk stripe” down them for effect.

Here are some materials used by straps:

-Ballistic Nylon (Grey, Brown, Black)

-Shell Cordovan (Light Brown, Yellow, Red, Olive)

-Leather Slate (all leather colors)

Some of the best brands include James Bond (watch strapjust like in the Skyfall movie) and DeLuca.

You wouldn’t mind owning a Pebble watch James Bond style, would you?

Get the NATO straps on amazon now ($30-$120 range)

Luxurious Pebble watch bands and straps

Get Jacob & Co. luxury straps on Amazon at a competitive price range $120-$320

Many women have bought the Pebble Watch, however, in total honesty the Pebble Smartwatch band are not sexy enough for the ladies out there. Pebble strap replacement to the rescue! Jacob & Co offers a set of luxury bands 100% compatible with your Pebble watch. They come in different colors, different textures, for the white color worker to the Executive look (and pricey…)

Jacobs & Co Women bands choices are:

-Real Alligator skin

-Real Crocodile skin

-Poly Rubber (Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Brown and Blue)

-Satin (Yellow, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Gold & Cream White)

Get Jacob & Co. luxury straps on Amazon at a competitive price range $120-$320

Also, if you happen to have a larger wrist you might want to consider to change pebble strap with this classy looking brown pebble straps skagen – Skagen Men’s 331XLSL1 Steel Brown Leather Multi-Function Watch

Smartwatch screen protection

Pebble Film Protector

Smartwatch Screen Protector Ultra Clear Shield

If you’re like me and don’t like to have scratches on your amazing Pebble smart watch, you probably want to get a kinomi TechSkin Screen Protector. It’s so easy to install, and it’s guaranteed for life. Can’t go wrong! It’s also waterproof so don’t worry about washing your hand or even take a bath or dive deep under water.

Some cool thing you’d like to know

  • Compatible with Pebble Smartwatch (water resistant, safe to use underwater and will not peel or fade)

  • Virtually indestructible film with unmatched “invisible” screen clarity

  • Made from the same film material used to protect military aircraft

So don’t wait anymore and get

your own Film protect right here for $15

Smartwatch compatible storage box

For anyone that owns a smartwatch or planning to own one, there are some nice accessories out there to help your store them and keep them nice and safe as long as possible.

Today we show you that Compact Black Watch Case Storage Box With Glass Top Holds 5 Watches:

  • Compact size, great for travel

  • Glass clear viewing top

  • Caddy Bay Collection logoed microfiber cleaning cloth included

  • Safeguarded with a lock

  • 5 removable cushions

Get your own Watch Case Storage Box With Glass Top Holds 5 Watches for $24.99

The Pebble Smartwatches fit in that box quite nicely.

Get your own Watch Case Storage Box With Glass Top Holds 5 Watches for $24.99

Pebble Docking stations

There isn’t any official docking station for Pebble smart watches, however a few people have tried to create crowdsourced projects (kickstarter) to build one, but it never reached its goal. There is no viable docking station at the moment.


Key Holders/Smartwatch holder

People have been asking for a solution to be able to hang their watch as a “trophy” display in their homes, and the simplest way is to use compatible key holders.

pebble watch wall mount

Pebble Watch Wall Mounts

InterDesign Formbu Wallmount, and Mail Rack. Compatible with Pebble Watch?

If you’re like me and don’t like to sleep with your watch and remove it off your wrist often. If you wake up and don’t like to look for your pebble watch! We heard that  InterDesign’s Formby Walmount is compatible with Pebble watches and you can now hang your watch to the wall with your car/home keys. There are 5 slots on the mount, so go ahead and display your collection of Pebble watches.

Get yours on Amazon for $20 bucks.

Or if investing $20 is too much for you, you can go with one cute slot for $8:

Amazon’s got some in Pink, Black, or White colors.

Let me know if the rumor is true!




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