Chapter 4: Must Have Applications (Watchapps) – Pebble Watch Owner’s Guide Jan06


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Chapter 4: Must Have Applications (Watchapps) – Pebble Watch Owner’s Guide

Must-Have Applications


Work out / exercise


Expect to see quite a few fitness apps integrate with Pebble and other connected watches soon, but right now, RunKeeeper is one of the best out there. It pushes a real-time feed of your distance, activity time, and pace to your watchface, whether you’re running, cycling, or doing any other type of activities.


FreeCaddie Golf GPS

It is far more convenient to glance at your watch for that than to pull out your phone before every stroke, and FreeCaddie figures out which course you’re on, locates you through GPS, then tells you how far away your are to the pin.


Text messaging / notifications



One of the most ambitious Pebble-centered app around. Its watchface shows a weather icon, time (one several time zones as an option), and date. When you receive text messages, you can hit one of the Pebble buttons to reply with a popup message (such as “Can’t talk right now, will get back to you in a moment”). It also shows calendar appointments in a more full-focus fashion than the standard ping. It’s a really clever upgrade, currently in beta.



If you’re a server geek, developer, or fan of IFTTT (If-This-Then-That), this app is a must-have notification tool. It can receive signals from a number of server-watching, data-trading sources, and also through an recipe that you set up. Once Pushover is pinged on your phone, it can also ping Pebble.


Select and add a checkmark to all sorts of notifications. The default Pebble app for Android can send over notifications and messages from a number of apps, including standard email, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Voice, SMS text messaging, phone calls, calendar reminders, viber, what’sapp messaging, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also opt for a third-party Twitter client, enjoy Google+ or Tumblr, or get other notifications you’d like to be passed along.




Pebble Tasker, used along an Android, can fire off actions you’ve created and customized to your personal needs, from any of the 3 side buttons.


Tasker is a geeky, powerful automation engine for Android. With Pebble Notifier installed, you are now able to get notifications when your battery is low, when you’re near certain areas, or on pretty much any condition your phone can possibly know about. Your imagination is the limited. The downside is that it is not for everyone because it requires a certain degree of programming experience.

Shopping using Pebble

Create and check off simple shopping lists from everyday items(“Sugar”, “Bread”,”Coffee,” “Milk”, etc…) straight from your watch interface. You cannot edit the list items from the watch but from the phone at the moment, but it is expected to come soon.


A simple app that counts down in increments of 30-second, then plays a buzz sound on your wrist whenever it reaches 0. Great for cooking things on the stove.


Stopwatch app

A simple stopwatch with a few options suchs as multi-lap and reset.

Clock faces (Watchfaces)


It’s not just a watchface, but a Star Trek’s time display. And for the geeks, it shows the current Unix epoch at GMT +1. If you understood what that jargon means, you should go ahead and download it

My Pebble Faces is a website catalog contains thousands of faces where you can browse, search, and filter down your search results. You will be amazed by the creative watchfaces people came up with. This website has the largest selection, and you can find anything from serious, to classy, to cartoony, to futuristic, to sexy… You can download them all at will.


Pebble app from Pebble Technologies

You can manually set up to 4 alarms on Pebble, which will remain active even if the connection to your smartphone is lost. Pebble will give up to 20 strong vibration when the alarm rings. Dismiss the alarm by pressing the Select button. The alarm will recur every day. Delete an alarm by pressing the Select button, and then Select delete.

At the moment, you cannot snooze, nor use daily recurring alarms.

Simply Alarm Holo for Pebble

Simply Alarm Holo is a Minimalistic, Holo Themed Alarm and Timer App with deep Pebble Smart Watch Integration; now with a companion Pebble Watch App (Simply Alarm Watch App).


Music players



Adjust Music Volume directly from the existing Pebble Music Watch App.

Launch your current Music App from your Pebble watch.

Quickly change current Music/Audio app in App or with your Pebble watch.

Set Music Boss as preferred Pebble Music App once and never visit this Pebble Setting again. Music Boss will manage this now.

No additional watch app to install, uses existing Music Watch App.

Simple yet feature rich settings to enhance your experience.

Volume Mode allows you to quickly adjust Volume


Pebble app from Pebble Technologies

Select the Music app from Launcher to control music playing on your smartphone. Currently, on Android Pebble can control the default music app and Google music. On iOS, Pebble can control Music, Pandora, Spotify and any other music app that implements default music controls.


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