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Chapter 3: Software Specifications – Pebble Watch Owner’s Guide

Software Specifications


Pebble has fonts which contain characters in the ISO-8859-15 Latin 9 spec, meaning it is generally intended for “Western European” languages, which might cause font issues for some language fonts.




Pebble’s ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller comes with 96 kb of Random Access Memory.


Hard Drive Space

Apps on the Pebble are likely to be paired with apps on your phone, and the phone will do the heavy work while the Pebble only acts an input/output device.

Each app is roughly 32 kilobytes and the Pebble has 2MB of flash storage, which is enough room to store about 60 apps. At the moment, there is a cap limit of only 8 apps/watchfaces that can be used in Pebble flash drive.



Software Development Kit (SDK)

Pebble can be customized by installing new apps developed with its Software Development Kit. The SDK allows developers of all experience levels to build Pebble-enabled applications using a number of popular programming languages and technologies. The software is open source, meaning it is free for anyone to use it to build any watch apps or watch faces.

You can use your Pebble account to download the latest release of Pebble SDK (PebbleKit is included in the SDK).

PebbleKit is the mobile app companion library, documentation is available for iOS and Android


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