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Chapter 1 – Pebble Watch Owner’s Guide




The Pebble watch is a smartwatch developed and released in 2013 and has sold over 300,000 units(as of August 2013) at an average price of USD$150. Besides giving the time, the Pebble smartwatch is the first of its kind thanks to its e-ink screen that allows the watch to remain active for days, and communicate with any Android or iPhone smartphones and give new possibilities to the user at the convenience of not having to take the phone out of his or her pocket and just glance at his or her wrist. The watch can mirror the majority of any smartphone applications as well as bringing an augmented experience to the smartphone user. The watch has an internet connection capability via your smartphone fueling hundreds of internet-connected applications. The Pebble smartwatch has revolutionized the watch industry by facilitating exercising, text messaging, navigation, and so much more. It has been rumored than some of the technology industry giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Google are secretly building a smartwatch of their own, following Pebble watch’s success.

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